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Developer’s Helsinki chooses Isère department for the launch of Netmonitor software in France

2011, August 24th

Developer’s Helsinki, Finnish web software development company, has decided to launch its Netmonitor web analytics product in France. In order to provide French customers the best service, the company has chosen to launch in Grenoble (Isère - 38), with the collaboration of AEPI agency. Grenoble is known for its strong innovative clusters and networks, and Developer’s Helsinki is counting on it in order to make Netmonitor the referent web analytics tool for SMEs in France.

A web analytics tool designed by an SME, for SMEs

Netmonitor is a web application that allows users to monitor traffic on their website. A couple of software products like it already exist, from the most simple to the most advanced ones. “We don’t have the most powerful product in the industry, but Netmonitor is the right tool for the right person. We designed a clear and simple tool, which allows anybody to find out what is happening on their website in a few minutes. With Netmonitor, you don’t need to be an expert to get precious information that matters for your business” explains Rémi Lanvin, French Netmonitor project manager located in Helsinki.

Netmonitor team has grown from three to nine people in two years. Markku Orispää, co-owner of Developer’s Helsinki says: “We are a small team using agile methods, which allow us to be really reactive. When a couple of users ask for a new feature, we do our best to develop it within the following months. SMEs appreciate to be listened and get support with their web analytics.”

An international partnership program

Developer’s Helsinki hired Benoît Collet to develop a partnership program in France. Located in Grenoble, he says: “We offer Netmonitor to web and communication agencies, but also to those working in the marketing and SEO field. Most of them offer Google Analytics, which is powerful, but very complicated and does not fit the real needs of SMEs. By offering Netmonitor they offer a choice to their client, and a tool which really fits the clients needs. They appreciate that we ensure constant sales and technical support.”

The partnership program is already established in Finland, and is starting in Sweden, France and Netherlands. Netmonitor software is currently available in five languages and is offered all over Europe. “We want every user to feel comfortable using web analytics on their site. Having an easy-to-use software in their own language is highly appreciated by our clients” says Leeni Lappalainen, Marketing director of Netmonitor.

Some data about the company:

Some data about Netmonitor:

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